"Earthworm Wrangler" Ed Hubbard Featured in The Florida Times-Union

Nature's Little Recyclers Founder Ed Hubbard was featured in The Florida Times-Union in the article "Earthworm Wrangler" creates green recycling project. Ed spoke about this business, his vision behind the worms, and what he hopes to gain from One Spark. The NLR crew will be heading down to Jacksonville, Florida, in April to participate in One Spark 2014.

Below is an excerpt from the story: 

"Hubbard is traveling from Chicago to Jacksonville for One Spark 2014. He has entered NLR as a creator project in the festival.

"Hubbard developed NLR after coming to the realization that he wanted to do something disruptive that would make a difference and affect a lot of people.

"He said that clean air, water and energy are all areas that are already being addressed but soil quality was being neglected."

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