Pleasant House Bakery and NLR Mentioned in Zagat

Zagat featured Nature's Little Recyclers and Pleasant House Bakery in the article 5 Chicago Restaurants That Aren't Destroying the Earth.

"Nature's Little Recyclers, aka worms, are an essential component of Pleasant House Bakery’s multifaceted relationship with The Plant (a vertical farm and food incubator that promotes a zero-waste and net-zero energy ecosystem in a former meat-packing facility). In addition to housing the wood-burning oven that makes many of the bakery’s Royal Pies, The Plant is also home to one of Pleasant Farms' urban farm spaces, where the team grows produce for both its Chicago restaurant and brewery in Three Oaks, MI. The bakery's food scraps are picked up via bicycle and fed to the worms, who turn it into fertilizer for the farm. “It’s a true example of ‘going back to the earth’ so to speak,” owner Chelsea Kalberloh says. “Useful waste is diverted from the landfill to a compost operation where it can be transformed into a product that helps plants grow naturally.” 

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