2 Pound Caviar Compost, Premium Earthworm Castings

2 Pound Caviar Compost, Premium Earthworm Castings
  • Boosts plant growth and increases their immunity
  • Provides over 60 nutrients, minerals, and micro-minerals
  • Taken from healthy and sustainably grown earthworms
  • Provides plants with the healthy soil they need to thrive

    Caviar Compost is the rich earthworm castings of the most pampered and productive earthworms in America. At Nature's Little Recyclers, we take organic waste-such as coffee grounds, vegetables, and cardboard-from around the city of Chicago and recycle it by feeding it to our earthworms; in turn, they produce rich castings that is free of chemicals and rich in nutrients, thus making it a great fertilizer for both conventional and organic plants. Caviar Compost captures the clean essence of natural, organic soil and gives any plant a bio-organic boost. Healthy plants require healthy soil, and Caviar Compost is your answer to happier plants.
$ 4.99